MBS International Airport Aerial and Land Survey

  • Location: Freeland, Michigan
  • Construction Value: $207K
  • Client: MBS International Airport / Reynolds, Smith, & Hills, Inc.

Project Description:

ROWE provided land- and air-based surveying for the development of instrument procedures and airport layout plan update mapping for MBS International Airport.

ROWE Tasks included:

  • An airport obstruction analysis
  • Airport control validation
  • Locations and elevations of all airport navigation aids
  • Verification of runway obstructions
  • A control survey for photogrammetric control

Digital orthophotography was produced for the entire airport surface analysis area and a second orthophoto from a lower flight altitude was produced for the airport property.

The boundary survey included:

  • Research, recovery, witnessing, and location of PLSS corners controlling the boundaries and easements for all parcels currently and previously owned by the airport
  • Computation of parcel boundaries
  • Setting or verifying location of all found corners
  • Documenting any encroachments

Deliverables included a property map depicting the individual parcels and overall airport boundary along with all easements listed in the title search, runways, runway protection zones and safety areas, taxiways, and road rights-of-way.