UAV-truckOur unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) provide clients with a new and beneficial avenue to see and map project areas. The UAV is also commonly known as a DRONE, an acronym for Dynamic Remotely Operated Navigation Equipment.

Survey grade, true color, near-infrared, and video cameras, and LiDAR, thermal, and multi-spectral sensors can all be placed on DRONEs to accommodate almost any aerial photography and mapping requirement.

Utilizing this technology can often save time and money on project schedules and budgets. We can apply the expertise of our Federal Aviation Administration-certified remote pilots to assist with projects ranging from structure inspections to site design.

DRONE technology is beneficial for:

  • Video and frame photography reporting and marketing
  • Vertical and oblique angle perspectives
  • Site visualization and analysis
  • Monitoring construction progress
  • Certifying compliance with proposed construction activities
  • 3D topographic mapping
  • Volumetric mapping (cut/fill, cross sections, stockpiles, material reserves)
  • Orthophotography
  • Structure inspections (bridges, turbines, transmission lines, pipelines, walls, dams)
  • Thermal analysis (rooftops, equipment, structures)
  • Agriculture monitoring (crop health, infestation, orchards, wineries)
  • Disaster management