ROWE’s transportation clients include municipalities, county agencies, state departments of transportation, railroads, developers, and corporations. Our staff has the experience and qualifications to provide a full range of transportation services.

  • Bridge & Structures   

    Over 50 years of bridge and structural experience ...

  • Construction Engineering State & County   

    ROWE provides construction-related services on more than 70 projects annually.

  • Hydraulic Hydrologic Studies   

    ROWE is experienced in hydrologic and hydraulic theory and practical application and can provide clear and concise storm water management reports in accordance with client standards.

  • Non-motorized Paths & Trails   

    Through extensive work with departments of transportation, county road commissions, municipalities, trail groups, and multi-jurisdictional groups, ROWE has become proficient in the many facets involved with pathway projects.

  • Road Commission Engineering   

    From conceptual studies and project scoping to completion of construction, ROWE is committed to providing quality projects on time and within budget.

  • Signal Design   

    ROWE works with communities to fit their budgets and desired look with designs that range from wood poles with span wires in box-span layouts to decorative mast arms that harmonize with their streetscape.

  • Topographic Mapping   

    Topographic mapping is required by a wide variety of clients and is needed to show all manmade, non-terrain and terrain features into a printed or CAD mapping format.

  • Traffic Engineering   

    Before our clients spend money on design, ROWE provides pre-engineering services for projects to ensure they meet current and future infrastructure needs.

  • Transportation Design Engineering   

    ROWE has the experience, understanding, and knowledge to develop innovative ideas to meet transportation needs and successfully complete the design of award-winning projects.

  • Transportation Planning   

    ROWE provides a full range of transportation-related services to get the traveling public where they need to go.


  • Transportation Services  

    Multiple solutions for your traffic engineering needs