The Beginning


Rowe Engineering, Inc. is founded by Dave Rowe, PE, PS, PCP, in Flushing, MI (five employees).



Office opens in Caro, MI (four employees).


Office opens in Owosso, MI (four employees).


Flushing office employs 30 people.


Dave Rowe, PE, PS, PCP, started selling stock to William Winiarski, PE, PS, as part of a five-year ownership transfer.



The Transition


William Winiarski, PE, PS, becomes chief executive officer (CEO).  Landscape architecture is added to ROWE’s services.


Dave Rowe PE, PS, PCP, retires and three additional employees, John Matonich, PS, James Redding, PE, LEED®AP, and Robert Mark buy into the company, making them principals.


Owosso office and its 18 employees move to a larger office in nearby Corunna, MI.


Henderson, Bates, and Elrich in Lapeer is purchased (nine employees).


Ruddell Engineering in Mt. Pleasant, MI is purchased (six employees).

An office opens in downtown Flint, MI (three employees).

ROWE becomes an MDOT-prequalified consultant.


Two more employees, Richard Mark, PE, and Paul Brown, PS, become principals, creating an executive committee of six corporate officers.


New corporate headquarters built in Mundy Township, MI; Flushing and Corunna offices’ employees merge there (85 employees).

Vice President John Matonich, PS, becomes president.

Name of firm is changed to “Rowe Incorporated,” to stress that ROWE is a full-service consulting firm.


Caro and Lapeer offices merge in new, larger Lapeer office (24 employees).


Constant Evolution


CEO William Winiarski, PE, PS, becomes chairman of the board and marketing principal.

President John Matonich, PS, is named CEO.

Senior Project Manager Thomas Long, PE, is named principal.

Small downtown Flint office merges with corporate office in June.


ROWE purchases Air-Land Surveys, a Flint aerial photogrammetric mapping firm (10 employees).


Special Services Division Manager Kent Alexander, PE, is named principal.


John Matonich, PS, succeeds William Winiarski, PE, PS, as chairman of the board



Principal/Chief Financial Officer Robert Mark retires.

ROWE purchases Myers Land Survey Company of Grayling, MI.

Construction begins at new corporate headquarters in downtown Flint, MI.

Deputy Director of Engineering Rick Freeman, PE, is named a principal.


Carolina Aerial Surveys, LLC, a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina surveying firm, is purchased (four employees).

Marketing Principal and Former CEO and President William Winiarski, PE, PS, retires after 36 years at ROWE.


An existing surveying firm in the tri-cities area of Michigan is purchased.


Name of firm is changed to “ROWE Professional Services Company” to reflect the company's comprehensive services.

ROWE corporate headquarters moves to a refurbished historic four-story building in downtown Flint.


Principal and Transportation Division Manager Thomas Long, PE, retires and Associates Leanne Panduren, PE, and Jack Wheatley, PE, are named principals.


ROWE celebrates 50-year anniversary.


ROWE opens office in Farmington Hills, MI.


Vice President Leanne Panduren, PE, becomes president.


Vice President / Director of Surveying Paul Brown, PS, retires after 38 years at ROWE; Jonathan Rick, PS, CFedS, assumes position as ROWE’s director of surveying.

Jeffrey Markstrom, PE, is promoted to Design Services Division manager.

ROWE opens an office in Lansing, MI.


President Leanne Panduren, PE, is named chief executive officer.

John Matonich, PS, retires after 35 years at ROWE.

Associate and Senior Project Engineer Jeremy Lynn, PE, is promoted to Construction Services Division manager.


Vice President / Chief Operating Officer Richard Mark, PE, retires after 34 years at ROWE.


Vice President / Director of Engineering James Redding, PE, LEED®AP retires after 33 years at ROWE; Vice President / Deputy Director of Engineering Rick Freeman, PE, assumes the position as ROWE’s director of engineering. Director of Surveying Jonathan Rick, PS, CFedS, is named a principal. ROWE’s Tri-cities and Lansing offices close.


Construction Services Division Manager Jeremy Lynn, PE, is named a principal.

ROWE opens an office in Kentwood, MI.


Vice President Kent Alexander, PE, retires.

ROWE transitions to an all remote work schedule due to COVID-19.


ROWE employees transition back into the office.

Myrtle Beach office relocates into a larger location.

ROWE opens a field office in Oscoda, MI.

ROWE has over 230 employees and seven office locations throughout Michigan and South Carolina.


ROWE celebrates its 60-year anniversary.

Rick Freeman, PE, Principal, and Director of Engineering retires after 24 years at ROWE. Jesse Morgan, PE becomes the new Director of Engineering.

Jack Wheatley, PE, Principal, and Director of Marketing retires after 33 years at ROWE.


Michael Royalty, PE is named a Principal and the Director of Business Development.

Lori Mudge, PHR is named a Principal and the Chief Talent Officer.